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The Importance
of a Good Roof


Your roof stands between the interior of your home and the exterior world. If it’s in good shape, your roof serves as a barrier against snow, hail, rain, ice, branches, and debris. If your roof is in poor shape, your home can get leaks, develop mold and mildew, and experience other problems. Even a small leak in the roof line can cause large-scale water problems across major home systems.

Home Value

A good roof enhances your home’s curb appeal, one factor in home value. If your roof is full of moss and algae, sags, or appears decrepit, it sends a signal that your home hasn’t been kept up. If the roof is in good shape, a potential buyer can assume the rest of the house has been tended to with care. That can translate into higher prices when you sell your home.

Energy Efficiency

Even if you aren’t selling your home, a good roof adds value. When you have a structurally sound roof, proper ventilation, and sufficient attic insulation, your home will experience fewer air leaks. You’ll be more comfortable with the air conditioner at a higher temperature, and you’ll see lower heating and cooling bills. If you care about comfort in the home, want to save money, and want to protect home value, then you need a good roof.

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When is it Time to
Replace Your Roof?

Here are some signs your roof needs attention:

Damaged or missing shingles –

Damaged or missing shingles indicate a worn-out roof. When shingles start to curl, develop cracks, or lose their granules, they cannot protect your roof properly.

Light comes through the attic

If you can see the sky from your attic, your roof has holes. Call a pro immediately to reduce water damage in the home.

Widespread staining

Stains often indicate algae and moss damage. Algae and moss degrade shingles and may cause water damage. If the damage is widespread, your roof could be compromised.


If your roof is old enough to drink, it’s already exceeded its average lifespan. Asphalt roofs tend to last 20 years. The closer yours gets to 20, the more likely it is to fail. Rather than wait until this happens (and deal with the stress of emergency replacement), plan ahead.

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Why add Insulation
to your Attic?

You can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs when you Top up or re-insulate your attic. A considerable amount of your heat loss occurs through your attic, which could be costing you money and comfort

By increasing your home's attic insulation, you keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter! Click here to learn more about important things to consider when insulating your attic:

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