Insulation Removal Services

To remove old insulation, we use an advanced vacuum system. Located on the outside of your home. This keeps dust to a minimum, we run our vacuum hoses up to the attic either through a window or right through your front door and into the attic access opening.

Our technicians are fully protected and with respirator systems, carefully walk through your attic space and with our advanced vacuum system remove all of the loose insulation from every corner and open space possible.

Once all the insulation is removed, any remaining batts of insulation are removed by hand and bagged.

Once completed, everything is vacuumed again right down to the drywall or your existing vapour barrier, leaving behind only empty space ready for you to carry out the next phase of your project.

All of the insulation that we remove from your attic area is removed from the site completely, and we take great care not to leave any mess behind.

Reasons to Remove Insulation

Their are a couple of different reasons you may want to remove insulation

Perhaps, animals may have found a way into the area creating a home within your home for themselves. With racoons, squirrels, birds, etc., comes urine and feces that can cause a lot of damage to the ceiling, not to mention would be unhygienic and be a health concern to the people living in the house.

Attic insulation is removed sometimes in cases where there has been a fire in the home or water damage. Since the insulation will absorb the odor from the smoke, restoration companies use us to remove the insulation, allowing them to seal all of the exposed wood and insuring that no smoke odor will ever be present again.

Another reason someone may want to remove insulation is that the occupants have discovered that someone in the home is allergic to what is there. When this occurs, they have us remove the current insulation type and then replace all of the insulation with a different material.

Without the proper equipment this can be a dirty and unhealthy project, contact us today for a free estimate