Sound Proofing Solutions

Bring a whole new level of peace, quiet and safety to your home with Soundproofing.

Soundproofing in ceilings and walls not only diminishes both inside and outside noise within the living areas of the house, but is becoming a more popular home improvement project each year.

Cavities can be filled by drilling 1 inch holes and filling with cellulose fibre. This also provides an additional benefit by acting as a fire barrier. Afterwards, a coat of plaster is used to fill the holes, leaving a final coat of paint to be applied at the owner’s discretion.

Nothing beats the tranquility of a quiet home. And that’s exactly what soundproofing provides. Our soundproofing solutions are specially designed for inside your home’s ¬†interior walls, ceilings and floors to reduce the transfer of noise from one room to another.

Contact us today to learn about our effective soundproofing solutions. We create an acoustic barrier that effectively absorbs sound and brings a whole new level of peace, quiet to your home.


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