Why Insulate a Garage?

Even though garages are typically the largest un-insulated room in the house, garage door insulation is often overlooked. Insulating your garage door is a very wise answer to rising costs in heating and utility bills.

We go to so much trouble to insulate every inch of our home but we forget how much traffic goes in and out of the garage, making it susceptible to great amounts of heat gain or loss everyday.

We use the garage at least two times a day, coming to and from the house. This use of the garage often makes it the most accessible entrance into your home.

We use the garage to store all kinds of things that need protection from extreme temperature as well. Properly installed garage door insulation will not only cut down on heating and cooling costs throughout the year, it can act as a sound barrier to unwelcome outside noises.

Garage insulation inhibits air leakage, heat transfer, and cuts on expensive energy bills every month. Garage door insulation kits are an easy way to insulate garage door to prevent heat loss or air leakage. You can find a garage door insulation kit on-line that will help you understand the importance of garage insulation.

Garage door insulation kits offer information on the best kind of insulation to use, how to install it, and where to install it. You want to insulate the garage door to prevent the air that seeps in from underneath. It is important to insulate the wall of the garage that is shared with the house.

A great deal of air is lost and heat is transferred between this one edge. Also, it is required by law to have this wall insulated with fire-retardant insulation because of the likelihood of having flammable liquids stored in the garage. It’s also a good idea to insulate the ceiling in the event that an attic or bedroom is above the garage.

The garage insulation also needs a vapor barrier. The garage gets drafty in the winter and swelteringly hot in the summer. It can become a kind of greenhouse, which makes it perfect for condensation to collect in the walls. Garage insulation like fiberglass is not a good vapor barriers. They absorb the moisture, which then acts as a heat conductor.


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